Chamois Cream

VeloBody Chamois Cream
All-natural formula. Contains shea butter to protect & heal skin. No harsh chemicals or animal by-products. Paraben free & petroleum free, Natural essential oils protect & smooth the skin. Easy to use, washes out completely.
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Shave Stick

VeloBody Shave Stick
All-natural formula. Paraben free and petroleum free with natural essential oils for a light, refreshing scent. Get a close shave without the razor burn. Long lasting for more than 30 shaves. Easy to use and travel-friendly. More Info

About VeloBody

VeloBody Stephen Berard
Steve Berard, a software engineer and amateur bike racer, created VeloBody to provide an affordable and all-natural alternative to a market overrun with expensive and petroleum-based chamois creams. VeloBody makes all-natural skincare products for cyclists, triathletes, and runners.